AAPP Arab Association of Pharmacy Progress


AAPP: was established in order to raise the scientific and professional level of Arab pharmacists. This association was announced through the Ministry of Social Solidarity on 9-2016 under No. 10306.

AAPP: is a legally constituted organization representing pharmacists and/or pharmaceutical scientists based in Cairo, Egypt, and collaborates with health care providers (HCPs) within the Arab world like Jordan, Libya, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

AAPP: cooperates with the national & international scientific entities, leading pharmaceutical corporations and medical partners to create and disseminate knowledge and best practices.

AAPP members include; Health care providers (HCPs);

Physicians, Pharmacists (Community Pharmacists, Hospital Pharmacists, Academics as well as oncology pharmacists, Psychiatric Pharmacists, Intensive care unit clinical pharmacists), Nutritionists, Physical Therapists.


To energize the Pharmacists’ role in medical community


To make a quantum leap in Pharmacy career by end of 2030

Key Message

We are sure that every colleague will agree upon the urgent need of a trend for pharmacy practice to move away from its original focus on medicine supply towards a more inclusive focus on patient care.
By taking direct responsibility for individual patient’s medicine-related needs, pharmacists can make a unique contribution to the outcome of drug therapy and to their patients’ quality of life.

AAPP will be dedicated to foster all kinds of activities that could add value to pharmacy community in the Arab world to achieve this goal. Let’s start a new era of cooperation to retain the leading role of Pharmacists in the medical community for the benefit of Patients and Health Care.


  • To enhance competencies and capabilities of Arab pharmacists.
  • To reduce the gap between pharmacy education and practice.
  • To foster the collaboration among different pharmaceutical sectors.
  • To help in rebuilding a better pharmacy career.